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Female Masturbation

I absolutely love the stories about sniffing panties and jacking off. I remember my first time. I was 13 years old and we were visiting my aunt, my mother's youngest sister. She was in her early 30's, about five-three and had the hottest body I had ever seen on a woman. And if this was not enough, she was topped off with a pair of 38DD's. The day that sticks in my mind, I had gone into the bathroom to jack off. I dropped my pants and as I sat down on the toilet I spotted a pair of my aunt's panties on top of the clothes hamper. I picked them up to investigate. I don't think I had ever held a pair of soiled panties in my hand before that day and had no idea of the possibilities. While looking at them I noticed some stains in the crotch of the panties. Whatever it was, it was still damp. I really don't remember what caused me to smell the stain but when I did, my dick became instantly erect and started throbbing. I suppose it was the animal instinct but I started licking the crotch of her panties and jacking off like crazy. I almost chewed the crotch out of her panties and shot the largest load of my young life. I also knew at that point that I was hooked. I was addicted to women's panties.

It is impossible to know how many different panties I have sniffed since that day some 54 years ago. I would estimate that I have sniffed panties from probably 300 to 400 different women during this time. I never go into a house without checking out the bathroom for a clothes hamper. Be it family members of non-family members, I will sniff any of their panties.

Some do, however, stand out in my mind. I had a neighbor once who had three of the most beautiful daughters as well as a beautiful wife. I managed to get a pair of each of their panties.

My two all time favorites have been my wife's twin sister and a niece. I have sniffed my sister-in-law and niece's panties more than any others, excluding my wife's panties. I have been sniffing my sister-in-law's panties for over 40 years and jacking off. I have sniffed my niece's panties for 20+ years. I still enjoy them today. They both live nearby and I happen to have a key to their houses and can get a pair of their panties just about anytime I want them.

To my knowledge no one knows about my love for panties, except my wife and she only knows about my love for hers. We often masturbate together. Sometimes she will watch me masturbate as she masturbates. Sometimes she will jack me off. Either way, I always sniff her panties while we are doing it. But, she does not know about the other panties that I have sniffed. I think my niece has a good idea but we have never discussed it. She is a 40 year old single parent and occasionally she will call me and ask me for some financial help. She does struggle from time to time to make ends meet. The first time I ever gave her any money I stopped by her house and stuck $300 in her panty drawer. We kid each other about it a lot. I always tell her how much I enjoy playing with her panties and she tells me that I can play with her panties any time I want to. Usually when I drop some money off at her house I will find a pair of her dirty panties on her bed where she left them that morning when she took them off. Since she is at work I will get completely naked and get in her bed and take her soiled panties and jack off. Nothing gets me as hot as her panties. I usually get a few pair of clean panties out of her panty drawer and use them to jack off with while I smell and suck the crotch of her dirty panties. When I cum I cum all over her clean panties. I fold them and put them back in the drawer with my cum on them. I will usually rub a little cum in the crotch of her clean panties. Thinking of her walking around with my cum getting on her pussy makes me hard. Like I say, I have never come right out and told her what I do but you would think she would have a pretty good idea of what's going on.

Keep those stories coming. Sometimes I jack off while reading the stories and sometimes they prepare me for sex with the wife. Even at my age I always get hard when I read the stories in Solo Touch. The one thing I would like to read are more stories from women about men sniffing their panties. I would love to know what women think about this practice. If you are female and all of a sudden you found out someone had been sniffing your soiled panties and jacking off, how would you react or how would you feel. Let us know.

masterbating in my mothers bloomers

I was living at home for 20yrs and I always got to see my mother in her bloomers. So this one day I got the opportunity to try her bloomers on. ( see back in the 50's they hadden come out with sexy panties, then when they did they were mostly white. )
This year my mother had gone to visit her aunt in New Jersey for a week, so i had the house to myself. The next morning i got up and i went to her panty drawer & pulled out a pair of her bloomers. I was totally nude. I stood in front of the mirror in her bedrm and I sliped on the bloomers. My c...... was expanding to full size as i saw the bloomers on me. Soon I found myself masterbating in the bloomers. soon a huge wet spot appeared. then I just layed back on the bed and i masterbated again and I brought on on erection after another. It was great. I found myself doing masterbation every night for the next 30yrs and more. I even wore her bloomers to bed, but i just couldn't control my urges. I just liked doing it in the bloomers, it made me think of girls pussies. I would look at nudity pictures of girls and then I would Jerk Off in her bloomers. How good it felt.
Today I wear panties and i love them a lot. i wear panties 24-7. i even play in the panties as well.
So doing masterbation is a good thing. And doing it with panties is better.

me and my moms panties

I was 18 years old and thought my mother was gorgeous. She was just 18 years older than me. I had a pantie fetish and loved masterbating in hers. There were many mornings that I would hide in her closet with only her panties on and watch her undress from her night clothes and then get dressed for the day. I would wait until she was done and run to my room to masturbate. She had caught me in her panties before but not like this. This time I decided to try and masturbate while watching her from the closet with the hopes of her catching me. As I was getting into it she heard me and went to the closet and there i was, fully erect and nervous but extremely turned on. She asked me what I was doing and I simply asked her to please let me finish. Much to my surprise she allowed me to hold her while she was still in her bra and panties. We were front to front with my face at her breasts while me and my panties rubbed against her in her panties. It couldnt have taken any more than a minute for me to unload my juices into my panties wich spread into hers. I just looked at her and thanked her. It was never mentioned again and I dont believe she ever told my father. It was 26 years ago and I will never forget it.

my girlfriends moms, sister and hers panties

i was 15 and in my first sexual relationship and i was just blown out of my mind by how hot my girlfriend, her sisters, and their mother was. i saw my girlfriend in her panties for the first time at my house, in my room. i walked up to and kissed her good morning and she took my hand and placed it on her pussy and said get me off. so i fingered her for 5 minutes before she orgasmed. as she orgasmed, she squirted into her panties then took them off and gave them to me, saying " hope u like them. try not to jerk off to much now that u have a pair of my panties that i've squirted in because i still want your penis in me at least 3 times a week." that got me extra hard, but of course she said that i had to get dressed and buy her a new pair of panties, so we went to the mall, Victoria's secret and i bought her 5 thongs and other panties. when we got to her car she took off her skirt and put on one of the thongs i had bought her. after we went back to her house and she made me lunch. we ate in her room that she shared with her hot older sister sarah who is 18 at the time. while eating me and emmy watched a movie, then sarah asked me to leave so she could change, but my emmy said that i cant leave she doesn't want me to. so i got to see her hot older sister naked with her shaved pussy, nice ass, and d cup breasts. i was hard and they both knew it. i was under the covers with emmy practically naked except for my jockstrap and she was in her bra and thong. emmy is well endowed with many assets. she has d cup breasts, a tight shaved pussy, and a nice ass. now i am psyched cause i am going out with the hottest girl in the class but it does help when u have a six pack like i do and arms thick as tree trunks. anyways after sarah got dressed in a bra and panties she climbed into bed with us and started to rub herself on me, feeling me all over.emmy said have him finger you cause conor is amazing at it. so i fingered sarah. i go quickly and she squirts into her panties and give the to me as well. then sarah starts to give me a blow job. emmy pulled her off me and said no not until i give him one. so emmy blows me while sarah sits over my face for me to eat her out. as i am eating her out emmys other younger sister comes in and asks emmy if i could finger her.emmy stops blowing me and says sure he is great at i fingered molly and she gave me a pair of her panties after she squirted in them. in 15 minutes i jizzed in emmy's mouth, sarah squirted in my mouth. then i got up and brushed my teeth as emmy did too so u couldn't smell her cum breath. then emmy and i went swimming naked cause she said her mother wasn't home. emmy and i were kissing and in a very sexual manner, emmy was sitting in my lap with my penis in her when we hear someone yell, "emily marie wtf are you doing." we look up and see her mom standing right over us. emmy says, " making out with conor, what does it look lie, oh and yeah we are naked and his penis is in me. your point." emmys mom tells me to go to her room with emmy and i say "why. what did we do that was so wrong?" she just says go to my room. emmy and i are waiting there when she comes in and strips down to her thong and bra. then she gives me a lap dance and tells me to finger her i do thinking okay yeah anything to not get in trouble. mean while emmy lowers herself down onto my penis. i thrust into her and we have sex for the first time, i just didn't imagine her mom being there with us. in 5 minutes i get her mom to squirt into her thong which i got after emmy and i had sex. emmy was moaning so loud right before she came. then when she finally came i cummed into her pussy, filling her till my cum oozed out and down my penis a bit. when she was sure i was done cumming, emmy got off me and liked my penis clean. we showered and her mom drove us to the i walked away with 4 pairs of panties that day and a new love for panties as well. today i am 18 and married to emmy with our first child on the way.