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The first time I really noticed a womans panties was when I was about 13. My mom had just gotten home from work and was in her room changing out of her work cloths as she always did first thing. Well, I was dieing to get out of the house and over to my friends so I knocked on her door and started to ask if I could go over to his house. She told me that she couldnt hear me and that it was ok to come in. I opened the door and she was standing there in just her white silky panties and her nice work top. I turned away fast... and she said "What? its not like you havent seen me without cloths on before... I am your mother!" So I naturaly turned back to look at her and I instantly could feel my young boy cock start to get hard! I was trying to ask her about going over to my friends house and in the process she started to pull her top over her head, so I fugured that was a great time to get a nice, good look at her panty area!!! and boy did I! I was only about 8 - 10 feet from her! and I could see her huge dark hairy bush through her white panties! and I would even she pubes sticking out on both sides!! My cock was really getting had now! so she got her top off and I noticed how big her breast were! I could see her nipples through her bra also! So I continued to try and talk to her... then she turned around and bent down to pickup a T-shirt off the floor giving me a great look at her ass! I new that I needed to get out of there fast before she noticed my raging hardon that was fastly growing! She turned back to me and while talking to me she started to pull the T-shirt over her head to put it on so I got another good look her nice hairy pussy that was just hidden by her white silky panties. I noticed that time how big it was! I mean her pussy! It seamed to bulg out! All I could think about was getting to see her fat hairy pussy that was hidden under those panties. well she went on to put on a pair of jeans and followed me out of the room. I eneded the conversation short and headed to the bathroom! I new that I needed to masturbate my young hard cock before I cam in my pants! In the bathroom I strocked on my cock thinking about what I had just seen and shot the biggest load of cum that my little hard dick had ever shot! I was cleaning up, and for some reason it just dawned on me that we have a laundry shoot in the bathroom that gos into the laudry room in the basement!!!! O-my god! Thats it I thought! I can go to the basement as soon as my mom gos to the bathroom to take her nightly shower and when she drops her panties down the shoot I can catch them and get to feel the same panties that I just saw her in and just masturbated to her in!!!! So I told my mom that I changed my mind about going to my friend house and I thought I would just hang around the house. Around 8:00 or so my mom came to my room and told me she was getting in the shower! as soon as the bathroom door closed I want to the basement and waited! I heard the toilet flush.... and then I seen the light in the laudry shoot from her oping the door! and down came all her cloths!!! her shirt, pants, socks, bra, and her silky white panties!!! I was so horny I already had a boner! I picked up her panties as fast as I could! they where so soft and smooth feeling! in my hands I felt a wet spot in the panties... I fumbuled around with them until I found the cotton part that had been right aginst my Mom's hairy pussy just seconds ago! It was moist with her pussy juice!!! I thought holly shit! I am in heven!!! I shoved them up to my face to take a big smell of my moms pussy! it smelled awasome! this was the first time I had ever smell pussy! her sent was go good I wanted to take a taste! before I did that I noticed there was one of her long dark pussy hairs almost woven into the cotten crotch... I pulled it out and for some reason I stuck it right in my mouth and started sucking on it! by this time my little cock had almost all it could take!!! it was going to explode! I pulled it out and stuck the moist cotten crotch of my moms white silk panties to my face again! I took another big sniff and then started licking the wetness off of her panties while picturing her in the bedroom again as I had seen her standin there in her panties with her huge bulging, hairy, pussy!! I instantly shot my load all over the concrete flood right there in the middle of the laundry room the moment that I tasted my moms pussy! It was so satifying!

I have been a panty sniffer every sence that night! From that day on I would wait for my moms panties to come down the landry shoot every chance I could get! There was a lot of times that her crotch area would be soooo wet that I always wondered why she was so wet! I still have a box with 15 - 20 pair of her panties that I stole and colleted over the years before I moved away from home.

Awwww.... the memories!!!!!!......

ive done something familiar

ive done something familiar but i waited for the family to leave the house to go shopping and then i would masturbate to them but one day she found too of them that i hid and my moms friend underwear

Funny, when the mention of a

Funny, when the mention of a hamper shoot came up and the "mom's silky panties", it brought almost exact memories of my same exeperience. We(family and I) also had a hamper shoot in our bathroom..I would sometimes rumage through the dirty laundry, eventually finding and masterbating to her silky panties down in the basement. I never sniffed or licked the crotch of them though... today however, I love giving oral pleasure to a woman while she wears her panties for me...guess I never got over the fetish.