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Sister took nude pictures of me and saw me squirt..

My sister was taking this photography class. We were sitting around and she kind of jokingly said maybe she can take some nude pictures of me. I said yeah right. She said seriously if I didn't mind she could take nude pictures of me. Tasteful ones. I said to her, me get naked in front of you, but your my sister. she said it wasn't like she hasn't seen me naked before. I told her that it was a long time ago, before we were even 10 years old. I was 25, she was 23. Anyway, she finally talked me into it. She did up a spot at her place to take the pictures. I got to her place and being spring up north it was cool, really cool so she turned the heat up when I got there. She had on a short sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans. she said any time I was ready I can take off my clothes. I couldn't believe I was going to get naked for my sister. My penis stirred a bit but I was able to control it from getting hard. My sister and I get along very well and I do find her attractive but I wasn't thinking of any of that, at least at first. Well I started stripping off my clothes and as I did she had me put them on this chair there. When I was finally totally naked for her she had me stand over where she set up for the pictures...she started with a few shots as I loosened up..even though I was nervous my penis was a bit long.not enough to be hard in any way but it was a bit long...I kept seeing her glimsing down towards my penis.then we started getting into the picture taking..she had a few of me on my stomach, sitting, kneeling and so forth.after a bit she said lets take a break and would I mind if I stayed naked..I said I didn't mind..she asked if I felt warm..I said it felt nice and a bit warm..she said she may have to go change..which she did..when she came back she had on a pair of shorts and halter top..we talked a bit and she kept glimsing down towards my penis..she asked if I was ready..we got up and she was making a few adjustment and she wasn't looking at me but as I looked at her I was noticing how nice her legs were and her arms and her body in her shorts and halter top and all of a sudden I started getting hard and very quickly...I got a full erection and before I could do anything to hide it my sister was turning saying are you rea and she stopped when she was facing me completely..her eyes were on my now full erection which was sticking up and out at her..I went to grab my clothes to hide it and she said please don't..and where did that come from..I blushed..and she asked did I get it because of her..and I blushed even heart was pounding like crazy and I was so embarrassed and nervous but my erection wasn't going to be going down any time soon..she was giggling..and she said nothing to be embarrassed about or nervous about..she asked if I minded if she took a few pictures of me in the condition I was in..I didn't know what to say at first but then I said I didn't mind so she started taking pictures again..after a little bit it started to go down..she came over to me and asked if I wouldn't mind doing something to keep myself excited..I blushed and she said..well I guess if I didn't mind since she was the cause of me getting aroused..then she should be the one then to keep me excited and she reached over and started to stroke my now fully erect penis again..she smiled and giggled and said I bet you thought you would never be getting a handjob from your sister huh? she said you feel pretty hard fact really hard...she got this smile on her face and said she had an idea..and she stopped stroking my erection..I must have had a look on my face as she asked whata was wrong..I told her a little bit longer I would have squirted..she said no way..I said oh yes way..she thought it was cool that she almost made me squirt..she had this glass table, a very sturdy one as we found out..she wanted me to get on top of the table and get on my stomach if it wouldn't be to uncomfortable with an erection and she would get under the table and take some pictures..I very carefully got on top of the table on my stomach with my erection pressed against the glass table..she got under the table on her back and started taking erection was throbbing very nicely because of the handjob my sister gave me and the pressure of being against the glass and throbbing all of a sudden I had the feeling that I was going to orgasm and before I knew it was saying uh oh and she asked what was wrong..I told her I was going to squirt and she said OMG and she started taking pictures again.I pushed my erection against the glass of the table and started to squirt like crazy as my sister continued clicking away with her camera...finally when my erection stopped and I caught my breath and I got sister came out from under the table looking at the cum on the table and was like look at all that won't have any trouble getting some lucky girl pregnant ..and she giggled and she sure won't mind haveing your nice erection inside her thats for sure..we cleaned up and I got dressed..

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Maybe your sister would like to take photos of us jacking each other off?


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do you have her number? her screenname? please, let me talk to her. she sounds really nice, and really hot