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caught squirting by my stepdad

one day, last week we had a half day of school. i was horny and alone so decided to jack off. i stripped completly naked and decided to do something risky. i went on my deck for the whole world to see. not many people lived ony my street but there was still such a thrill. i have been masturbating since i was 11 and im 18 now. i got one of my moms dildos and suction cupped it to the ground. i started out slow. just riding it and grinding it a litttle. then i sped up and could feel that i was going to cum. i slowed down because the more i hold off on an orgasm, the better it is when i have it. i did that twice until i knew it was gonna be a great orgasm. i was so into it i didnt see my stepdad pull up. i opened my eyes and saw him with a hard on starring at me. that pushed me over the edge i squirted all over the deck. since my step dad already saw me, i thought screw it, and kept going. i moaned loudly and screamed "ohhhh fuccckkkkkkk yeahhhhh shittttttttttttttttt fuckkk shit fuck yyeah im gonna cumm again fuck watch me! WATCH ME CUMMM FUCCKKK" and he did. he took out his dick and started jacking offf.
since im a senior and im 18, it was fine when he came upstairs.

he was only 5 years older than me (my mom married a younger man). i waas completly naked and my 36 c's were bounncing around while i was still grinding the dildo. he told me to get up and i did. cum was splattered around the deck, and dripping from my pussy. he pulled me onto a deck chair and started eating me out. i squirted for the 3rd time all over him.
he got up and i started sucking his big 8 inch dick. he came in my face. my mom was on a buisness trip so she wouldnt fiind out.
we then started fucking widly on the deck. our yound 15 yearold neighbor girl was watching from her yard. he hand was down her pants. i giggled and winked at her. i knew she was having a good time all by herself. then, he exploaded in me. im on birth control so i didnt get preganat, but it was amazing,
we lounged around still naked on the deck for a awhile, and then went at i again. but this time with the nieghbor. she came over and said " i saw what you guys were doing. i wont tell, as long as we have a threesome." i agreed auotmaically and so did my stepdad. she stripped down naked, but asked to go inside incase her parents came home. so we did. she had nice 36 b breats, and i started sucking away at them while m stepdad jacked off. then she asked to eat me out. i laid down on our kitchen counet and started licking me. it was amazing. she was a pro at it. i spquirted in her face and on her breats and she just licked it off. then my stepdad told her to suck is dick. she did what she was told and swalloed. while this was happening i was fucking my self with a dildo. when they were done . my stepdad started fucking her and she screamed "ohhh fuckkkk yes thissss is the besttttttt. FUCKKKKKKKKKKK'' it was her first time, and im pretty sure she was happy it happened like this. then after they came, he fucked me. i couldent believe he had enough cum still. while he was fucking me. she just sat and played with her self. she asked if she could use the 12 1/2 inch dildo. i said if it could fit, yes. it took her a while, but it fit in. while he was fucking me, she squeezed herself on the dilddo. she went slolw, because she didnt want to hurt herself. but then she got into it. it was amazing we all cummed at the same time. we screammed so loudly a neighbor called the police. i answered the door, naked.
he smiled and said "well that explains the noise." he just smiled and left.
that was the best thing. i still cant believe it happened. im gonna go jill just thinking about it


I haven't been with a lot of women, however I did have one that involved squirting. I had heard about women squirting, and hoped someday it would happen. Squirting may gross some people out, but to be it was a SUPER TURN ON!

the best drink

I had a girlfriend for several years that would squirt - or "gush" would be more like it. The first time she did it while I was eating her pussy I thought she had peed in my mouth because I had never heard of it. When she laughed and told me it wasn't pee, that was the beginning of a 4 year relationship, and I'd drink that hot pussy juice every chance every day, morning, noon and night. She definitely returned the favor, too, because she loved to swallow my cum. A bunch of times we did it in front of our friends and that was a super turn on!

You wanna squirt on my

You wanna squirt on my "deck"


wow i wish i was your neighbor
id please you so well youd sqirt so much more than he could make you squirt
id fuck you sooooo much harder and fuck your 14 year old neighbor too
iv got such a hard on right now
im off to jack off thinking of fucking you and eating out your neighbor


I have always wanted to watch a gal squirt but never have had that expierence. I would love to see that happen up close with my face soo close it would get squiterd on. Afterwards I would eat that pussy and clean it all up before it squited again.


id love for you to do that to me;)

wow that was so hot. i

wow that was so hot. i really wanna eat you out and fuck you til you squirt. i have a huge hardon right now. you up for chattin sometime?

That made me Horny

Wow that hot. Have anymore stories you'd like to share with me;) maybe we could chat and i could help you make a new story from experience...

oh nice

oh thats so hot, im fingering myself just reading this story. u know how to have a good time, too bad i wasnt there you and ur dad, and the neighbor


ive never chatted with a girl, and id love to e-mail back and forth, telling eachother about what we are going to do to eachother. im about 90% striat and 10%lesbian. i love cocks, but being with a girl feels so wrong, but right at the same time.