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Female Masturbation

i have going to a summer camp in oregon for years, and i became a councelor about 2 years ago and i love working there.
about me-im 5ft1, 106pounds, nice ass, 36C, tanneed skin, curly brown hair. and im bi.

one day, all the campers went on a day trip, and i decided to stay back with a couple other councelors. it started rainging really hard, so i decied to go back to my bunk with one of my really good friends(gabby) who was also a councelor. we decied to watch a movie on my portable dvd player. i forgot that i had a porn in the dvd player.
"oh my god. im so sorry." i said. i felt my cheecks turn red, "oh its fine" said gabby
i looked at her surpised, but left it on. it was this one hot girl, fingering herself. then another girl came in and started sucking her pussy.
my hand wandered to my pussy and i rubbed slowly. then i noticed that gabby was doing the same. i leaned in and patinoatly kissed, feeling her DD boobs. gabby was 5ft5, blond hair, and DD. she was very hot.
her hand slid down to my pussy, flicking my clit and making me moan.i started sucking her huge tits, flicking her nipple with my tongue. i pulled away, and reached under my bed and pulld out a silver bullet. i turned it on, and rubbed it over her nipples, letting her moan loudly.i slid the bullet down to her pussy and glided around her pussy. she moaned softly and kissed me more. i put the bullet inside her hole and she creamed in plesure. she was so tight. i could feel her bucking under the blankets and i knew she was gonna cum. i started sucking her tits again and she came all over my hand. she screamed in pleasure as the rain hit the roof.i kissed her more and massaged her tit.
she tok the bullet and sucked my tit, rubbing the bullet on my other nipple. i moaned softly feeling my pussy getting drenched. she kissed down my stomach as i threw back my head in pleasure. she sucked the front of my vagina as i moaned wanting more, but she was teasing me. she licked around my pussy. i moaned louder. she started sucking my clity and slid two fingers in my pussy, slowly pumping. she took the bullet and put it on my clit, i thought i was gonna expload. she fingered faster, also sucking more and more.right as i thought i was gonna go over edge, she slowed down, making me want it more. she kept this up for about 7 times, and then she kept going. by now i was screaming in pleasure, my toes scrunched up while gabby was slurping, fingering, and vibeing.i screamed, going over the top,
"GABBYY OH YES. DONT STOP. OH OH OH OH OH OHHHHHHH. YES AHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG IM CUMMMING IM CUMMING IM CUMMING." and i did. i came all over her face and we cuddled, then we showered together, and gabby went back to back to her bunk before her campers and my camepers came back. it was probably one of the best camp experieces ive ever had.


Luv 2talk with u sometime.

Awesome story

Summer Camp

The first time a girl ever went down on my cunt was at Summer Camp. She was 15 and I was 13. I reciprocated and, I think, I've been bi ever since.

OMG So fun I really would

OMG So fun I really would love that!

Really hot. Would love to

Really hot. Would love to chat sometime.