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I started masturbating, really masturbating when I was 14. One afternoon I came home from school and was feeling horny. We girls at school had been talking about the boys and whether they had big cocks or not. I knew the one boy, Danny, was well endowed because I'd sucked him off and masturbated him at our lake house a number of times. He'd licked, sucked and fingered me too. I wouldn't let him fuck as I was too scared, but "sex play" was ok.

Thinking of those episodes and our lunch time conversation had got me turned on and damp between my legs. So...I went to my room, laid on the bed, lifted my skirt, slid my panties off and proceeded to masturbate, rubbing my clit and fingering myself. I was just about in the throes of sexual ecstasy when my mother came into the bedroom, she stopped, looked a bit shocked and said "Oh, sorry!" and left.

I was horrified that my mother had seen me, legs bent and spread wide, my pussy on full display with my fingers in it, and my other hand fondling my breast. I quickly dressed and went into the bathroom to straighten myself up. I suddenly heard my mother come in the bedroom. "Leslie?" she said and I sheepishly came out of the bathroom, probably bright red. Instead of getting the "you mustn't touch yourself" lecture, my mother proceeded to sit me on the bed and explain that masturbation was ok, that she and my dad still did it even though they were married. We had a long talk about masturbation and the pleasure it gave us and appropriate places and conditions of doing it. Like locking my bedroom door!

She then got onto the subject of vibrators and did I want one. I told her I knew little about them, and with that my mother went to her bedroom and came back with hers. She told me I could use it anytime, just be sure to wash it after I'd finished. She showed me the different speeds and tricks it could do - ball bearings twisting around, the clit or asshole stimulator, the top section turning around - and then she said, "Let me show you." She slipped off her pants and panties and started to use the vibe on her pussy. I was amazed! I'd seen my mother naked and her pussy a few times when we undressed at our pool house together, but to see her legs wide open and inserting the vibrator, and then placing it on her clit demonstrating the various attributes of the toy, was incredible. She then said "Did I want to try it?" I said "No, it was ok" But she said "Go ahead don't be embarrassed." I lifted my skirt, took off my panties for the second time and started very gingerly using the toy on my pussy. "Feels good doesn't it?" she said. "Yes" I said breathlessly. She encouraged me to try different speeds and the many options. I was getting close to cumming, as I hadn't when she caught me masturbating, and she could tell. My mother encouraged me to climax and as inspiration, I assume, was fingering and rubbing her pussy too. Her clit was swollen and red and she used her two fingers inside her hole. We both climaxed together, writhing about on my bed, and she squirted as a well. After a short recovery time she said, "I think it's good for mother and daughter to explore intimate moments and information, especially at your age when boys will come wanting to have sex with you."

My mother and I had always had a close relationship, this incident brought us closer on a subject some people find difficulty talking about with their children, sex. From then on we both were very open about sexual matters, and I got a lot of good advice, techniques and wisdom from her (she even taught me how to squirt). However, watching her masturbate that day was a big turn on for me, and perhaps that's why I like sex with girls as much as I like a man's cock in me.

masturbation being taught

it was not my mother who taught me how to masturbate - techniques and skills with toys, dildos, love eggs, chinese balls etc - and how to orgasm but my aunt and my grannie (my mother would have too had she lived): all the women in our family are taught this in this way when they reach sexual readiness and have been for centuries as far back as family history goes. after two years or so masturbating, climaxing, getting the muscles in shape, learning the best in all female sexuality - we are tutored (and watch) paired sex: oral sex with men and how to copulate to orgasm..again techniques etc (including like you, how to squirt). after our first sex encounter - yes a cherry to lose, a mountain to climb, or like riding a bike - we have our clitoral hood pierced to enhance pleasure.
we are taught that sex is fulfilling, sacred, gives back to the earth and is powerful for eslf and others in its energy.
my sisters, cousins and I all feel blessed in this and love sex.

Masturbation Being Taught

Great for you daisychain! You are so fortunate to have been raised that way! More families should follow your example whereby we believe that masturbation is a wonderful gift! Sadly too many of us are taught masturbation is shameful and dirty. Imagine if schools and churches would also teach masturbation is normal, healthy and moral.

That was a great story. My

That was a great story. My cock is hard as a rock. Just thinking of your young little ass masturbating with your Mom is awesome.
Thanks for sharing.


Your sotory made me so hard..You and your mom masturabsting sounds really hot but I bet you were really nervous at first..wanna chat some time?