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I'm 5'3 135lbs and very thick! Small waist nice rack and nice thick thighs and ass. Lately I've been very very horny and been masturbating everyday in lots of different positions. Everytime I masterbate I either think of crazy hott sex with men or sexy women. Mostly women. I love love love dirty talk. I would love someone to give me new ideas to get this pussy wet ;) chatting would be appreciated!

I love a thick woman with a

I love a thick woman with a big, sexy bouncy ass and thick thighs. I would love to kiss my way down such a beautiful body, warm lips making for your thighs as my hands slip under to squeeze that sexy ass before I breath a warm breath over your wet pussy.


if u ever need a sexting friend ;) 509 264 4219

Wanna chat ima guy

Wanna chat ima guy

First I push you onto your

First I push you onto your bed and climb ontop of you. I tie your arms tight to your bed posts. I move down your body and rip off the tshirt you are wearing. I suck and bite your nipples. Your a dirty little slut i tell you. I move down to your hot pussy and shove my fingers deep in, you squirm around and you get wetter knowing you have no control. Then I take my fingers out of your throbbing pussy and put my dick in your mouth. I push my big cock in your mouth and go deeper into your throat making you gag and fucking your mouth hard which you love.....


Oohh my god this is making me sooooo horny. I am touching my juicy cock as I'm typing this! Let's chat? Make me explode all over the place ;)

I'd Love To Chat...x

Message Me...x I'd Love To Make You Explode ;)

wet wet wet

i would love to make you squirt, I would lick your pussy sucking out all your oussy juices. i would put 1 finger in you than 2 than 3 banging against your g spot until you squirt everywhere and your dripping gasping exhausted.

I'm so wet!

Oh wow, u just got me sooo wet! knowing that another girl is as horny as I am makes me super horny! mmm and u sound sooo sexy! I love a beautiful big ass that I can grab onto and smack while shoving my face deep into ur pussy and suck on and nibble ur clit while I shove 2 fingers inside u deep and then pull them out to shove my tongue in and taste ur amazing juices. my pussy would be dripping for u and my clit aching for u touch.

Oh please, let's talk baby, I'm so wet for u right now!


WOW you know what to say to turn a girl on! I love when my ass gets smacked.
I love it rough and freaky. I get real loud and moan and scream. You got me
real wet thinking about this. We should chat! I think I'm gonna make a new post.
you have to read it when I do.

add me

I want to taste your juices and lick that clit till you cum.

id love to help you out

id love to help you out secretfreak, what do you think

I wanna chat and see how wet

I wanna chat and see how wet you can get me mrlucky ;)

sounds great to me, i think

sounds great to me, i think i can get ya really wet, how you wanna do this?


anyway is fine with me!


I like a woman with a dripping wet bush. I like the smell. I like separating the labia with my tongue and making nice, long, slow, gentle teasing licks while probing deeper and finding every spot of sensitivity. I like women better then men. I like to take my time, bringing my mate to full arousal, teasing her labia, her clit, gentle kisses, licks, touches,... I like to bury my face and drain her juices into my mouth. I like to feel her excitement, her movement, her spasms as she approaches, achieves orgasm and multiple orgasm. I like to service her completely, no fear of rimming, of tasting her pee, or kissing any spot of excitement. I like to clean her out completely and then she can do me.


damn that got me pretty wet and turned on. Maybe we should talk