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This took place about 7 years ago when I was 13 years old. I lived in a house with my mom, brother, and my sister. My brother was 15 at the time, and my twin sister and I were 13. We shared a room because there were only two bedrooms between the three of us. We lived in a decent size house in Columbia South Carolina. My sister and I looked pretty much alike for the most part, but you could still tell us apart. I had developing a size breast, and a nice little bush down there. I had already been shaving my legs and pits for a couple of months. My sister was pretty much the same as me, then again we are twins. We were also both skinny.
I remember that it was in the middle of July in 2003. The way our room was set up was my bed to the far left of the room, and her bed to the far right. There was a night stand in the middle of our beds, and a desk at the other end of the room. To me It was kind of set up like a twin bed hotel room.
I had been masturbating ever since I was 10 years old. I learned by myself, just fooling around, and then my mom caught me one night. She said she was sorry and kind of explained the basics of it to me. I knew that my brother masturbated because I saw him one night, but my sister, I had no idea, until that night.
It was time for bed, so we both got into our pajamas and got in bed. I waited about 5 minutes and then I did my nightly masturbating session. I pulled my pajama bottoms down and my panties under the covers and began to finger. As usual I orgasmed, pulled my pants back up, and tried to go to bed without making to much noise. It was hot in the room that night and I just had trouble getting to sleep for some reason. I was laying there for about 30 minutes then I noticed my sister shift a little bit. I did not think anything of it but then I noticed that she was moving her hand a little bit. I immediately got horny again because I knew what she was doing. I did not want her to know I was watching her, so I kept as still as possible. I watched her finger move and watched her chest rise under the blanket. I was very horny at this point and I was enjoying every bit of it. I eventually watched long enough until she reached orgasm. She moved a little and was breathing really hard. I was so exited. I wanted to say something but I was a little shy. But hesitantly I asked her if it felt good.
She gasped and I felt embarrassed. I expected her to get mad but she just said "yes". I did not know what to do after that but then she asked me if we wanted to show each other our privates. I was astonished, and said yes. We both sat up and looked at each other. Then I went and turned the small lamp on in the corner of the room. We were just sitting there very nervous until I said "lets get started, I guess." We both took off all of our clothes and then we both sat on here bed. He looked very cute, here vagina nice and tight like mine was. We both poked at each other's parts until she asked how did I learn how to masturbate. I told here and then we got into this full conversation on how each other like to do it and when we started and etc. She told me that she watches me every night and then she does it. I was confused because I had no idea that she was watching me the whole time I was doing it. I told here that tonight was the first time that I had ever seen her do it at all.
Anyway, we decided that we were going to get down to business. At first, we just began to masturbate facing each other. We were doing this and then I orgasmed and she followed. I had never seen another girl nude before, and it was nice to see her fingering herself and squirming. Then we just kind of sat there for a while and then decided to finger each other. She said that she wanted to go first, so I laid her down on the bed and began to finger her. She was very wet and I was extremely horny at the fact that I was actually fingering another girl. She came in a few minutes and I was about to lose it. I quickly said it was my turn and I laid down and she did the same to me. I came in about 30 seconds. It was the best orgasm I had ever had.
After all was done, we put our clothes on and went to bed. We did this about every night for what seemed like forever. We were never lesbians, and now we are both in separate states. The last time we ever did anything together was about 2 years ago when we were 18.

I hope you enjoyed and I hope you can relate. Thanks for reading and please comment.


Hi Becca

Loved your story.Got me very hard.Enjoy your wonderful orgasms