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Sex with My Older Sister

This story datesback when I was 18 and my one and only extremely sexy sister was 19. We had a mutual relation like any other brother and sister would have. As we grew up the fights between us had reduced a lot and I must admit I was feeling attracted towards my sister. But again it was not anything special as any teenage brother might feel for his sexy sister and just push his feeling in the back of his mind.

Brothers can’t do anything more than this generally.But I never thought my feelings would turn into lust for her. The society and especially the peers were to blame for this, if at all. It wouldn’t be exaggeration if I say my sister was talk of the town. It would be more appropriate if she is described as sexy than beautiful. Wherever she went, men’s necks turned to her, young and old alike.

Their eyes followed her as far as they could. She almost always gave a hard on in their pants. Men would love to gossip about her. My sister was a most common and frequent topic among boys discussion. This was more so after we joined college. She became hot favorite of boys talk. Though they avoided talking about her in my presence it was always not possible. So, the most painful thing for me was to hear bad talk about my own sister and not able to do anything on this.

But this itself led my feelings for my sister transform into lust.
That day I heard my class fellows discussing about my sister.
Ajay said, “Hey, I feel Praveen’s sister Rani is the sexiest girl in the town.”
Why only in the town? I think I have not seen sexier one” Deepak added.
I wish I could at least kiss her once.” Ravi said smacking his lips.
I don’t mind even dying if I could fuck her once.”

Did you know the other day when she entered library I was leaving and when she passed by me her dupatta touched me. It felt so heavenly.”
I envy Praveen, he is so lucky to be living under one roof with her and how many time he might be getting chance to touch her every day!”

To hell with his luck!! We have liberty to at least fantasize about her, we can talk and think of fucking her, we can tease her and enjoy. If luck favours someone can either seduce her or marry her. But Praveen! Poor chap being her brother he can’t do anything of these.”

I wonder how he must be feeling when he is physically close to her. Wouldn’t he feel aroused? If so, how can he control, man?”
One must not be a brother of a sexy girl, I feel.”
To hell with brother sister relation… if I were in his place I would have definitely fucked her by now.”

I had to hear such things often and I couldn’t do anything to stop these swine talking dirty about my sister. But there was a point in their talk. I was now going through this difficult situation. I was the sexiest girl’s brother. I think every brother in my situation would have sexual arousal for his sister but must not even think of fucking her. You get a chance to live with such sexy lass but you can’t even touch her. What a miserable situation! Moreover, one has to listen and turn a deaf ear to the dirty talks of the rogues.

Day by day, frequency of my sleepless nights was increasing. I strongly wanted to fuck my big sister but how? At times, I used to have an impulse to fuck her and then hang myself. But, I never thought an opportunity was waiting.My sister had to go to the City for her Medical counseling. Father had booked a room in the hotel in the city for two days during counseling. But on the day he couldn’t go with her as he had an important meeting in the office.

So, I was told to accompany her to which I obliged. My sister and I went to city and checked in the hotel room. It was a small but cozy room. I we settled I started feeling excited and aroused. In childhood my sister and I shared a room but never in last 5 year as our new house had separate rooms for all. But tonight, not only the room but we were going to share the same bed.

I was thinking….only two of us, my sexy sister and me far away from home, parents, neighbors, friends, etc. No one to watch us….no one to question us. Wow! She was all for me! But to my misery, our sibling relation was the greatest barrier between us. She would never agree to fuck with me. I could never know what feelings she had for me. Our relation was loving and cordial though.

Well, in the evening she went to bathroom. Ever since we entered the hotel room I was not able to stop my thoughts and my lust for my sister. I kept on dreaming lying on the bed. What if I could fuck my sexy sister Rani tonight! How can I sleep peacefully in the same bed without lusting or without molesting her? What if she touched me or put her arms on me while asleep?

Will I be able to control myself or even hide my feelings? My dick was already hard in my shorts.I suddenly heard Rani’s scream from bathroom. I quickly rushed to bathroom.The scene was both worrisome and exciting. My sexy sister had slipped in the bathroom spraining her left ankle. She was sitting on the floor holding her ankle. She was only in her petticoat which was barely able to cover her thighs about 3-4 inches below her crotch.

Those thunder thighs and milky legs were giving me a wonderful look. I also could have a glimpse of her panty as she was sitting on the floor. Every inch of her body was beaming with sexuality. There was an immediate bulge in my shorts right in front of her face but she was hardly in a position to observe. She was in agony which made me brush my thoughts away. I held her hand and asked her to get up but she wasn’t.

So, I lifted her in my arms and took her to bed. While carrying her I felt like a hero carrying a beautiful heroin. I placed her on the bed. While doing so her thigh lightly brushed on my hard cock. It sent a strange current throughout my body. I strongly felt like mounting on her. She appeared so sexy with those round pare of firm breasts the hour glass figure and the flat tummy. But the agony on her face reminded me of my duty.

I quickly called reception for medical aid. Within 10 minutes a doctor arrived. As there was a knock on the door I covered my sis with the rug. I didn’t want anyone to see her in that position. The doctor checked Rani’s ankle; prescribed some cream and pain killer pills. Asked her to take rest. I went outside with the doctor. I was worried about her tomorrow’s counseling.

Doctor told me to take her without exerting on her left leg. He also gave me two sleeping pills and told to give one before bed time and use second one only if the pain was too much.I bought cream and tablets. I gave one tablet to her and started massaging her ankle gently with the cream. I had to refrain from my temptation to remove the rug on her and attack.

She was concerned about her tomorrow’s appointment. I assured her everything will be all right and I will take her to the place.At night, I couldn’t control myself from giving her both sleeping pills at a time. She was fast asleep within 5mimutes of taking pills. Now I decided to work on her. I didn’t want to loose this opportunity as I may not get another one.

I gently shook her and confirmed she wouldn’t wake up. Then I slowly slid my hands in her bra and started caressing her breasts. They felt marvelous. I leaned on her face and lightly kissed her sexy lips cheeks and eyes. I licked her lips. I squeezed her breast again for about five minutes. She was just lying quiet. I then moved to her legs I licked and kissed them gradually working out upwards.

I reached her thighs. They were really wonderful. I caressed, kissed and licked her thighs. Now, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I put my fingers in the elastic of her panty and gently slid it down lifting her waste. She was deep asleep. I was dumbfounded with the spectacular scene of her light brown small pussy pressed between her thighs. I separated her thighs more. I kept on looking at those luscious glistening pussy lips.

Those sparse, thin, brownish, silky hairs were hardly able to hide them. A tight virgin short slit in the middle was very inviting. I kissed her pussy. It was so soft and smooth. I started licking the wetness of her cunt. After five minutes I removed my cloths. As I removed my brief my hard cock sprang up and very eager to enter my own sexy sister’s cunt. I rubbed the red head of my penis on the wetness of her pussy and placed it on her slit.

Then I gave a slow thrust. It appeared to be insufficient for her tight pussy. I gave a strong jerk and the head of penis entered breaking her hymen and stretching her hole. She moaned and jerked. I was scared and pulled out. But she settled again. Then I pushed the tip of penis in her hole again and gave 3 jerks to burry it fully inside her. I had reached the ultimate destination; I had achieved the biggest goal of heavenly pleasure in my present life.

I was experiencing what all males in the town were dreaming of and thought was impossible in their life. I held her tight and as she was weakly moaning I started pounding her juicy cunt with the fury. As I was too excited I could fuck her barely five minutes and exploded inside her. I deposited loads of my hot cum inside my own sister’s womb.

I pulled out as I relaxed. I saw there was blood running down her asshole and smeared all over my cock. I had exercised my masculine rights on a sexy female who was my own sister. I quickly wiped the blood on my dick and on her pussy. Lucky, bedclothes were not soaked. I put her panty on to her again. I slept peacefully that night.

I was tensed and was scared to face my sister in the morning but she was normal as usual except for her ankle pain and swelling. She was unaware that her very womanhood was trespassed. I helped her and took her to the counseling. She was selected. We returned home. My sister was not anymore a virgin. The one who popped her cherry was her own little brother, that’s me! Those idiots who were commenting not to be born as a sexy girl’s brother would have a heart attack if they know what I did to my sister sexy.

They would learn it’s a privilege to be sexy girl’s brother.I had tasted the best thing on this earth. Now, I was yearning for more. Luckily, father’s guests arrived and stayed for about 5 days with us. So, I had to shift to my sister’s room. This was a golden chance for me as if God only wanted me to fuck my sexy sister. I was thinking how to fuck my sister again.

But again to my luck she asked me to get some sleeping pills from a chemist who was family friend. She was too tired. So, she wanted to take a pill and sleep. I got some 4-5 pills for her. She took one and slept within 10 minutes. I ventured once again on her gorgeous body and enjoyed for full one hour that night. In next, one week I got 2 more chances like this. My sister was getting addicted to sleeping pills and I was to her pussy.

I had fucked her four times without her knowledge! But I didn’t know how long I could do so in future. I didn’t shift to my room even after the guests went. Sister said she doesn’t mind me sharing her room or bed.It took 2 long weeks before I could get another chance. She took a pill again as she had become sleepless again. As soon as she was fast asleep I started my job. She was easily accessible as we were sharing same bed now.

I attacked her boobs. I squeezed them well. Once she took a pill Rani used to go into deep sleep. I knew how much liberty I could take with her body in such situation. I kissed her lightly. Then I kneaded her breasts. She moaned and moved a bit. I waited lest she woke up. I then moved down caressed her flat tummy and then her thunder thighs. She moved again. Probably, sleeping pill was less effective today.

I thought I must finish before she woke up. So, I lifted her skirt and removed her panty slowly as usual. I planted a kiss on her luscious cunt lips. I was aroused by the aroma of her pussy. My meat roll became steel rod. I removed my knickers. I leaned and smelled her cunt once again. Then licked her clit. She moaned and moved again. She jerked and her crotch hit my mouth a bit hard. I was scared;

I thought she woke up. I quickly rolled back beside her and pulled a cover. But she quickly got up and pulled the cover back I was stark naked lying before my sister. I was caught red handed….rather erect cocked.
What is this?.” She held my cock and asked.
Sis…I…am….soo..ryy….pleaaa…..” I was damn scarrd.
what were you doing with this?”
No….nothing sis….please…’

I know what were you up to” She climbed on me with her each leg on either side of me. She quickly lowered herself on my cock standing like a missile ready to explode. Her pussy gulped my cock in one jerk. “This is what you were about to do, right?” She raised her voice.
I was scared and babbled, “No…Sis….sorry….”

Then suddenly something flashed to my mind. I looked at her with surprise. She started giggling. “You tube light” She said while jumping up & down on my cock. I smiled at my stupidity too and pulled her on me. She rolled back and took me on top of her. I suddenly went crazy with passion as I realized the sexiest girl – my beloved sister - was all willing to give me a ride. I started thrusting in her pussy furiously. We fucked for half an hour and climaxed together. As we relaxed we smiled at each other.

Sis when did you wake up? I was so scared.”
Stupid, I hadn’t slept at all”
What?… And the sleeping pill….?”
I hadn’t taken one. I was telling you I took. I knew every time you fucked me. The very first time in the hotel I didn’t realize as I was under the influence of the drug. The next morning, while taking bath, I saw some blood stains on my thighs and between my pussy and asshole. I couldn’t guess what that was.

After returning home I could suspected and checked my hymen. It was not as it was. Then I suspected that you must have raped me. First I felt very angry, sad, etc. But soon I started feeling excited with the idea that my own little brother raping me, fucking me. Then I decided I would confirm your activities secretly. So, I used to tell you I have taken sleeping pill without taking one and used to enjoy fucking with you. But I couldn’t hold the excitement anymore today.”

My Goodness! I was the thinking my sister doesn’t know anything!” I said.
Well I am thrilled about everything. But why did you fuck me?”
Sorry Sis, I didn’t mean to hurt you but I loved you so much. You are too sexy to resist. Moreover, every boy in the town has a crush on you. Everyone dreams of fucking you. And they talk bad about us. They feel I am the most unfortunate person to be sexiest girl’s brother. So, I felt I must have sex with you.”

I know what people feel about me. But I had decided I will give my body to either my husband or to my brother rather than to any road Romeo.”

Wow! So nice of you sis…”

Since then we are fucking regularly for 2 years now. Still I feel I can’t have enough of her. So, sexy is she!

Knocked up

I too am very surprised she's not pregnant yet. All that seed inside her should have fertilized her by now.

I love u

Where can i find true love in south africa?

Definitely not true

Definitely not true


dude wat the hell she isnt pregnant yet??? goodness how the hell i mean like god dam man