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Male Masturbation

Slumber party/Truth or Dare

so my friends and in were all having a slumber party until half of them cancelled so it was me and 3 other girls asia, tihanna, and taylor asia and i are best friends so we had seen each other naked before aand it didnt bother us she and i were like twins we started our period at the same time, same bra size, same size jeans everything

we were at taylors house and her parents were gone for the weekend she left for about 5 mins and came back with a load of her dads porn videos all of us freaked out she said Oh shut up im wet as hell so i need to masturbate and asia is horny her tits are like needles and tihanna has been rubbin herseld for the past hour. I was the only person not doin anything

she put them the first 1 in 2 girls came on the screen kissing taylor grabbed the remote turned it down then fast forwarded it to where the 2 girls were now 4 all fingering each other taylor then took off everything and then so did tihanna then asia so i decided to follow we threw our clothes aside it turned into game of truth or dare mostly dares no truths and only the dirty stuff i was first tihanna dared me to make out with asia for 3 minutes so i did no problem asia and i had done it b4 then i looked at taylor make tihanna cum taylors face turned into a big smile and walked over to tihanna pushed her down and started making out with her rubbing her pussy. watching them made me wetter and wetter by the second taylor got her wet enough to eat her out using her tounge first then fingering her 3 fingers hard tihanna screamed and yelled and moaned for her not to stop but after she came for the 3rd time taylor looked at asia and said make me cum asia did but tihanna came over to me(iwas sitting knees spread apart slighty bent) she sat down so we were face to face and then scooted closer to me so our pussys wer interlocked she started humping i just watched her work and moaned when i would get a rush of pleasre

i didnt even notice that taylor and asia were done and watching us taylor got up and walked over to me, i was moaning and humping tihana as she was humping me we had both came aboput 10 times screaming and shaking each time taylor came over to me and stradled my face and i already new wat to do i licked and tasted her sweet pussy juices they were so warm i loved the taste she moaned so loud and that turned me on i grabbed her hard tits squezzing them making her moan louder telling me not to stop she came in my mouth and i loved it so i didnt stop i made her cum twice both in my mouth tihanna was still humping me and she moaned whenever she had an orgasm taylor scooted down so we could kiss she told me let me taste myself so we kissed our tounges touching mine in her mouth and hers in mine we kissed for a min or 2 she played with my clit i played with hers both of us moaning together

she moved and tihanna had enough and stopped but still shaking from the aftershocks

asia was sitting on the couch fingering herself there was a huge wet spot under her, her cum drippin down her pussy

taylor and tihanna played with eachother in the 69 position

I decided to help her out need some help said she opened her eyes i was already rubbung my finger around her clit:swollen and wet plz fuck me she moaned grabbing her nipples i stuck my finger in her and she squirmed not expecting me to get right ot the point i pulled my finger out sticking in 2 she moaned loud faster i did as she said gaining speed when i felt i should my other hand was in myself playing with my clit i used my toungue to lick her clit she arched her back i knew she was close so i went faster, stickin 3 fingers in and going deeper every time i went in she screamed with plaesure she pushed my head to her pussy i knew it was time she yelled my name saying fuck me breathing hard i took out my fingers and put in my toungue and sucked up all of her juices sweeter than taylors i made her cum 3 more times and myself 3 aswell we all fell asleep watching the guys next door jack off agian playing with each other

we woke up the next morning everybodies finger was in somebodies pussy that last week the best sleepover ever and i cant wait until the nex


you must have had a good time. Keep me informed I wanna get wet again ;)

Your so lucky

I've always wanted to have an exspirence like that

soooooo hot, made me so wet,

soooooo hot, made me so wet, thanks!

Fun friends

I had something similar happen once but no one ever ended up doing things with each other. We would always play truth or dare and dare someone to get naked and touch themselves. Everyone would laugh at this one girl who always did it. I was hiding in my sleeping bag in a corner rubbing my clit hoping no one knew. I always wished the others would have been cool.

Damn. I wish I coulda been

Damn. I wish I coulda been there

-sounds like u girls had

-sounds like u girls had lots of fun