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Female Masturbation

Hello, my name in Nichole and I want to share something that happened to me a while back. To be honest with you, sharing a room with someone is a bitch. There is almost no time to find for privacy, and there is never enough time to find to yourself. As I was growing up, I lived with my parents, and my two sisters. Jenny was three years older, and Rebecca was two years younger. So at the time, my older sister was 18, and my younger sister was 13. And of course I was the one that had to share a room with my younger sister while Jenny had a room to herself. I grew up in a house where sex was not really talked about and I just had to figure things out on my own.
Being a 15 year old girl at the time, I always wanted to masturbate. The most convenient time for me was at night after my sister had fallen asleep. Still it was a pain to try to be quiet. The way I would masturbate was to get under the covers, and then take all my clothes off and begin to finger myself. Thats how I always did it and it seemed to work. And the bathroom did not really work because it always made me to noisy.
Then one night I really did not feel like masturbating so I was just going to try and sleep, but I couldn't. I laid there for a while, and then I noticed my sister stirring around in her covers. The ways our beds were set up was kind of like a hotel room with two beds and a night stand in the middle. Anyway, I noticed that she looked like she was taking her pants off. As soon as I realized what she was doing I became very exited and tried not to move to she would think that I was asleep. Then she sat up, and pulled her shirt off and took her bra off. I could just see her enough in the night thanks to the street lights outside. At at this point I was becoming wet because I knew what she was about to do.
Then she laid back under the covers. She had her legs spread across the bed but they were still laying flat. She began to move her hand over her crotch and I could see it through the covers. She was making me wet and I wanted to masturbate, but I had to wait for her to finish. I noticed as time progressed that her chest was rising higher and her breaths were getting deeper. Ever once in a while she would squirm or something. I knew she was getting close to orgasm. Then all of a sudden she lifted her hips up and took one deep breath and was squirming a bit. I could tell that this was her orgasm, and then I did something stupid. I said "wow" kind of sort, but she was able to hear me. She froze and looked at me and she noticed that I was watching her. Then she asked "where you watching me?" And I replied with "yes."
I was also nervous, but then she told me that sometimes at night she watches me do it. I really did not know what to say, but then out of nowhere she asked if we wanted to do I together. I was shocked. I replied yes like I really did not want to, but inside this was the most exiting thing I have ever done. So I took off my clothes and sat on her bed where she was sitting already naked. We tuned on a small lamp in the side of the room so we could see better. This was the first time I had ever seen her nude. She had nice developing A size breast, a nice amount of pubic hair, and she was skinny. She had also just recently started shaving her pits and legs. I was skinny with I this B size boobs at the time, and adult pubic hair pretty much. When I was younger I really never thought of shaving my pubes. It just never occurred to me. So anyway, she said that we should just masturbate and watch each other do it. I agreed and we both started to masturbate. She did it different than I did. I actually fingered my G-spot, but she just rubbed the outside. Either way it still felt good.
So time progressed, and we were getting close and close to orgasm. She was breathing hard again, and moving around a bit, and so was I. Eventually, she came first, and I followed a minute or two after. We both had great orgasms, I left a little wet spot on her bed, and she left a smaller one.
This was the first time I had ever done anything sexual with anyone, and we did this more in the future. Every night I would masturbate above the covers and was not really worried if she saw me or not, and she was the same way. We often did this during the night. I have just recently moved out, and my older sister moved out three years ago, so when I visit we don't share rooms anymore. But occasionally we sneak in there at night and do the same thing again. I am now 18 and she is now 15.

Thanks for reading,


Wow Nichole that story was hot i'm so turned on thinking bout it has my dick at attention at the thought of the two of you masturbating together is so freaking hot you have me over here just grabbing my hard dick and starting to slowly stroke it up and down thinking bout your story

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i loved ur story i also have a sister and hehe well read mine and ull see

When I was young my aunt,

When I was young my aunt, who was only 4 years older, caught me masturbating with my hairbrush handle, she teased me a bit but the next night she snuck into my room and said here, use this and she naded me something wrapped in a towel i opened it and it was a rubber dildo Id never seen one, she told me how to use it and she left the next day she asked how it was I said it was OK and she said maybe I can show you Soooo that night she did and we masturbated together for years after Its is such a turn on sharing that

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that sounds like there r some stories u need to tell my dick is already geting hard