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Female Masturbation

It all started when we were younger. we used to take naps together sometimes. I had been masturbating for awhile by this time. one day we were sleeping and I woke up with a huge throbbing hardon. I looked at my sister and she was still asleep so I decided not to waste the opportunity, so I pulled my shorts down and started jacking off, slowly, enjoying the rushing feelings of pleasure rippling thruogh my cock. in intense pleasure I closed my eyes not worrying about a thing, when I felt my little sister move,I opened my eyes just ehough to see and I saw my litte sister with her hand on her pussy and her eyes focused on my cock. i kept my eyes slmost shut and kept jacking my cock, I felt my sister move again and to my suprise I felt her hand on my thigh,moving up slowly toward my cock. I felt her hand graze my balls sending lightening bolts through my cock, I took my hand off my cock and she replaced it with hers not missing a beat in the stroking.I opened my eyes and found she was jacking me off with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other. I put my arms behind my head and settled back to drink in the pleasure she was delivering to my young cock,when she felt me move she looked at me and smiled and said she had wanted to touch my 8 inch cock ever since she saw me jackin off in my room through the window(I jack off alot, I love it) my litte sister reached up and grabbed my hand and placed it on her hot wet throbbing pussy that she had been fingering for the past 10 minutes. Itold her she can do nything she wants to to my cock, she smiled bigger and moned as my fingers strummed her clit. i was rubing her pussy as her hips were grindin the air the harder i rubbed her litte cunt the harder she jacked my cock after awhile I could feel that familiar feeling in my loins that i was about to blow my load. I said i was comming and my sister said she wanted to watch up close so she laid her head on my stomache and incresed her pace of jacking on my engorged cock, i could feel the moment was coming and i told her to get closer to my cock and when she did i let go of the biggest load as of yet in my young life, i splattered my babysisters face with cum some got in her moth and she reached out and took my cock into her 13 year old mouth and sent me into orbit and directly into another orgasm which she took in the mouth, some spilling out of course. it was mind blowing the best ever, and needless to say meand baby sister are very close to this day. i will write some more of our sexual deviancy if you like this, gotta jack off now ooooooooooooo

I would like to hear more,

I would like to hear more, it reminds me of my and my sis growing up.

I was 13, sis 12 when my parents started leaving us home alone. After school let out we were home alone all day. Not very many days went by before it got really hot out. I suggested it'd be fun to go play outside in the water from the garden hose. (Note, we lived waaaaay out in the country, closest neighbor was 1/2 mile away, and no one could see us at all, thick woods and a twisting drive made it so even cars passing by couldn't see the house).

She said something about not having suits, I grinned and said who needs suits, just us, lets skinny dip. She thought about it and said why not. We got naked, her body was developing nicely, already had some hair coming in and small budding breasts. We splashed under the hose for a long time.

The next day when I got up I knew it was just us home so I wandered out of my bedroom naked. "You're not gonna get dressed?" she asked. "Nah, just us, thought it'd be fun to go naked all day. You ought to do it too!" She thought about it, then said "OK" and took off her night gown (she had nothing on under it). We repeated this for a week or so.

One day I came out of my room late as I had been jacking off to some dirty mags. When I did finally come out she said something about it, and I said guess I overslept. "Bullshit, you were in there jacking off to your girlie mags."

So I admitted it, and asked if she wanted to see them. "Hell yes!" was her answer, so we went in my bedroom. I pulled out my stash (I'd found two huge bags someone had tossed out on the road side) and we read them. I noticed she'd slipped a hand between her legs and was trying to rub herself without being too open about it. I decided to risk it, began stroking myself openly. I was young and could get hard again quick.

She noticed, spread her legs, and we gave each other quite a show. For about a month after that we often watched each other, one day we were on the couch, she looked like she was having a hard time cumming so I reached over to finger her. She didn't stop me, and soon she was having a great cum. She then grabbed me and pumped until I shot my load everywhere.

After that we often wanted to help each other. A few weeks went buy, with me trying to convince her I wanted to eat her, eventually she gave in. Yum. She didn't reciprocate for a long time, but one day we were on my bed in a 69 like position. I was eating her, she was jerking me as we'd done often.

Without warning she leans in and starts sucking me. At the same time she starts cumming in my mouth. Unable to hold back I filled her mouth with brotherly love. It was like I flipped a switch, after that she couldn't get enough of me, was constantly wanting to suck me (not that I minded LOL).

We kept this up for several years, both after school and in the summers. She never did let me actually go all the way, but I enjoyed what we did together.