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It was awesome! I know most of you won't believe me, but this is a true story, hot off the presses!

So here we were, my wife and I visiting my 24 year old step-daughter's house (her daughter). Like my wife, she's a very attractive woman, now a professional with a good career going. While we were all in the house when she was a young high school teen she had caught me jacking a time or two, but I'd always stop and cover, no big deal, we both just carried on like nothing happened. I'd even jack off while I sniffed some of her dirty panties, but never anything with her or in front of her. We'd see each other nude from time to time, it was pretty cool. I'd have my hand in my shorts when we were all watching TV, Al Bundy style, but that was the extent of it.

Well, fast forward: she now lives a state away so we don't see her nearly as often anymore, but last weekend we were visiting and we had made the most of a Saturday, really tying one on! That evening, my wife and step-daughter are lying on the pull-out bed in the living room and I'm lying on the other couch, we're watching a movie. We've gotten comfortable, I have on my boxers, wife and step-daughter are cozy under a couple of wraps, with my step-daughter on her side facing toward me, between me and my wife. The room is lit by the TV, and I'm casually playing with my junk while we all make small talk.
After awhile, I go ahead and start pulling it out of my boxers, pulling the crotch of them to the side and fondling my cock, now out in the open for them both to see by the light of the TV while we carry on with conversation and snacking and drinking. This is all in a casual way; I'd massage and cup my junk, grab the head of my 7" dick and stretch it out, doing that for a half-minute to a minute, then relax and put my cock back, maybe stretching or rearranging my pillow, etc. Just like I'd do if I was by myself watching TV - except here I was, totally in my wife and step-daughter's line of view not 4 feet away!! And we're talking with each other, making eye contact! (I jack my dick in front of my wife all the time, so that part was nothing new to her!)
When they started giggling as I would pull it out, I was set! Even with all the alcohol, my cock developed a hard on that was a real throbber. After 30 minutes of playing around like that I basically dropped all pretenses, licking my hand to get plenty of all natural lube and starting just out and out masturbating! When it got too dry, I'd just add more spit, natural as can be!
So after about 10 minutes, I just go ahead and pull off my shorts and lay there, playing with my cock just like I do at home. All the while, we're still just talking and hanging out, all of us laying around, chillin' and watching the tube. EXCEPT that that I'm TOTALLY NAKED AND JACKING MY DICK!! It was unbelievable, and I was soooo turned on! I'm butt fucking naked, legs spread, jacking off, right there totally in front of my step-daughter. I edge for maybe 20 minutes and then cum like hell, making my normal moans and "oh, yeahs" - complimented by "mmmm"s from both my wife and step-daughter.
When I'm done, my step-daughter says "Feel all better?" and they both giggle. No shit, and the both giggle and are cool about it. I said "You know it", and we just keep chillin', while I rub all that cum into my skin and just lay there.
I did that again about 30 minutes later, same basic story, then we all zonked out. The next day we just talked about how much fun we had without getting into specifics - and needless to say, I'm burning to do that again!!! Hopefully they'll both pull out the toys, too! Too bad we went home that day.

**I had posted this on "Male Solo" earlier by mistake- but I was add this - we did the same thing again, this time at our house the day after Thanksgiving!! Fucking awesome!


totally hot - i love to "get caught" naked and masturbating, but doing it while someone watches - its making my cock hard thinking about it now